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Welcome to Metal sheds for sale, we would like to offer our Metal sheds at a price and service matched by nobody, why bother buying a wooden shed only to find yourself changing the felt in a couple of years and when you start getting a leak only to find out the roof has gone rotton which start`s to cost you money...all of our Metal garden Buildings and offices are manufacured to a very high standard in the uk. A metal shed is for the long term, Security is one of the buggest key factors of buying a galvanised steel shed, wooden shed doors can be broken in very easily, metal sheds are very heavy duty and very hard to break into.. Maintenance is another factor you don`t have to worry about, no more painting, changing the felt, replacing rotton panels,doors and felt blown off in the wind etc... Click on one of the picture to view our full range of metal sheds.... within our full range of quality metal storage units we can cater for everyone need, from your standard shed to fishing tackle storage, lawn mower storage, bike storage, gas bottle storage, storage units to hold your rubbish bags in until the bin men come. We can also supply metal storage units for your childrens garden toys and also a good storage unit to bulk up on your animal feed bags and to stop any vermen attacking the bags and feed.


If you looking for metal sheds in the Swansea area of South Wales then look no further, We have our main Distribution centre based on the outskirts of Swansea where we ship out all out metal buildings. We will be holding several different metal units in stock ranging from your smaller metal sheds which hold lawn strimmers and lawn mowers to units holding cars. Drop us an email today and well see if we can offer you a fanastic price on your perfect Metal shed.


Delivery is also free to anywhere in England and Wales.

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